Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New GIMPShop for Windows coming soon

I have been told by Matthias (aka Dakira) - the porter of GIMPShop to Windows - that he will soon (within the next two days) - have the latest version of GIMPShop ported to Windows. To my knowledge, this will be the first port of GIMPShop to any platform based on GIMP 2.2.8. You can compile GIMPShop from source on any platform you wish (if you know how to do such things). But this will be the first publically available binary, (aka actual program you run instead of the source code) of the latest version of GIMPShop.

Latest version of GIMPShop in source code form

Direct downoad link

Home of the Windows port of GIMPShop

(And where you should look for the binary or .exe file for the latest version, but I will have it posted here as soon as I hear anything.)

UPDATE: 10-15-05

The Latest version of GIMPShop has been ported to Windows by Dakira!

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