Sunday, February 12, 2006

Give Scott a Computer - AKA - Do you want Universal Binaries for GIMPShop?

Well boys and girls, I hope all you Mac users are enjoying GIMPShop 2.2.10 as much as I am. For everyone else, let's hope John, Matthias, aka Dakira, Anshuman, Suramya Tomar, and the other porters/developers out there are working on ports for their various operating systems.

Scott Moschella, the creator of GIMPShop, is working on a port of his own. Each time Scott makes a new version of GIMPShop, he does so natively in Mac OS X.

As you may have heard, Apple has released a new line of computers with Intel chips as the processor, instead of the IBM PowerPC processors they've been using for years. Without getting too technical, they had to make a new version of Mac OS X which would run on the new Macs - which means programs have to be rewritten for the new OS. Apple has included an emulator that lets programs for OS X PPC run on OS X Intel - but they are much slower. But they've also made the new OS work in such a way that programs written for the Intel OS can also run on the PPC OS - they call it Mac Universal.

What does any of this have to do with GIMPShop? Well, Scott would like to release GIMPShop in the new Mac Universal format. Only one problem, he doesn't have an Intel Mac to work with. So he is accepting donations to buy one. I plan on giving on payday, and if you like GIMPShop - even if you don't do Mac - it would be nice to send a few bucks his way for his hard work. This will encourage Scott to keep releasing new versions of GIMPShop, which means you can still keep up-to-date and not have to pay hundreds of dollars for - or steal - Photoshop.

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Scott, I really appreciate the work you do, and I wish you the best in getting an Intel Mac, but all that is necessary to build a universal binary is to download and install the latest SDK from

It really upsets me that a lot of f/oss developers are not shipping universal apps because they are trying to get donations for an intel mac, when the users and the community suffer.

Everyone responds: "Sure, I can build it, but I can't test it." I've had no problems running any builds sent to me by PPC-owners.

Please, it's just a gcc flag.

By Blogger Justin Ryan, at May 08, 2006 12:26 PM  

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