Sunday, September 25, 2005

GIMPShop dot Net Overhaul...

As seems to be the trend of late, my site - GIMPShop dot Net will be undergoing a transformation in the next couple of weeks. Since this is a one-man outfit, and I have a full time job outside of this website, it may take me a little longer than it should, and the end result may not look too different than the current site, but it will be more consitant and easier for me to maintain. Look for it to be up by the second week of October - or the end of the day, depending on how motivated I am today. 8^)

Meanwhile, here are some cool GIMPish links I've been told about. They will be added to the new site, but I'll list them here for now (and as long as Blogger stays online.) Enjoy!

The GIMP Users Group - GIMPShop users should expect a few original GIMPers hating on ya, but most folks are nice. Also be warned that the tutorials and whatnot are for the original GIMP, so their menu structure will vary.

Free Stuff for GIMP - It's stuff for GIMP and it's free!

A Guide for how to make GIMP portable - it's for Windows only, and AFAIK untested with GIMPShop. Let me know how things work out for you if you try it.

GIMPTalk - a place to talk about GIMP.

Enjoy the links! And Happy GIMPShopping!

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