Friday, March 03, 2006

The GIMP to guest star on Extreme Home Make-Over?

Okay, this is a little weird. I'm subscribed to a number of GIMP related mailing lists - and I got this email suggesting that GIMP may be mentioned on an upcoming episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.... Here's the body of the email.
I can't say much about this, but in the interest of GIMP, I'd like to
encourage folks to watch the April 6th show. I don't know that GIMP
will be mentioned, but it was definetly one of the tools-of-choice,
along with Photoshop, and PSP, used for this episode.

Bear in mind the date may change, but, but it will still be in April.
If this is just some weird way of ABC driving up ratings by spreading false rumors - it's a very weird place and way to do it, so there's probably some validity to it.

I don't want GIMPShop dot Net to become a rumor mill - and since there are very few rumors related to GIMPShop or the GIMP, there's little chance of that happening. But I had to let you all know about this one. That's just a little weird. I'll be watching, of course, I like EMHE anyway.

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I never said it was going to "star."

But, now you can go look at the real story, and understand that GIMP was used by some folks to do this work.


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Also, here:

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