Sunday, October 02, 2005

Windows Screenshot

Here's a screenshot of me creating the banner for this site using GIMPShop on Windows XP Posted by Picasa

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Seems to me that the image window is a tool window. So I guess you cannot maximize it to fill whole area of main window? I guess all other multiple inner window features like CTRL-TABbing and organizing have to be haxored in later, perhaps making them non-standard?..

By Anonymous tono, at December 19, 2006 10:17 PM  

I dont have an account or whatever you have to have for this, but I am new. I would really appreciate help-This is all not very confusing, since I work with pictures, but I will still need help and no one I know knows anything about pictures and editing them. So If someone could help, It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 29, 2007 11:41 AM  

i would just like to know is there any documents, manuals or toturiols that go with this program as i am trying to get into graphic diesgn but need some help. thank you

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 09, 2007 5:25 AM  

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