Wednesday, March 08, 2006

GIMPShop promoted as choice for graphic artists

From an article entitled "How to wean someone off of propriatary software" which basically highlights the applications on TheOpenCD (which is a great collection of apps, and can be downloaded from their website, or, if you are on dialup can be purchased online)
For the graphic artists out there, we have three mature FOSS available. First is GIMP ( ) or GNU Image Manipulation Program. The interface is definitely no Photoshop but the functionality may be more than sufficient for your use. A version of GIMP called Gimpshop ( ) uses the same GIMP engine with its interface customized to look like Photoshop. Ah, the beauty of open source, huh? If you don't want the way it looks, hack it!
Most of the programs mentioned on our site are contained on TheOpenCD - except GIMPShop, they stick with the GIMP.

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