Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Power of Firefox and OpenOffice.org on Windows

GIMPShop is one of many free, open source, cross-platform programs developed by volunteers around the world. Two of the other most famous, useful, and successful projects are Firefox and OpenOffice.org. Sam Hiser recently wrote a LinuxWorld article about these important programs.

From the article:

In 2010, when the desktop standards war is winding down, we'll look back and say what a very, very good year 2002 was for open source software applications. It was in 2002 that both the Mozilla and the OpenOffice.org development projects delivered their 1.0 releases to the public. Having a Free (and free) and open source browser and office suite running on both the Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems is a milestone worth rejoicing at any time. Its significance in 2002 can be measured by the emergence the following year (2003) of viable desktop Linux solutions. In hindsight, that impact seems even greater today, when the mature enterprise GNU/Linux desktop system is something that's taken for granted.

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