Monday, November 07, 2005

Photoshop-ish Keyboard Shortcuts for The Gimp 2.2

If you want to make GIMPShop even more Photoshop like. You can download this file - ps-menurc, rename it to menurc, and put it in your GIMPShop system folder.

For Windows users, that folder is C:\Documents and Settings\*Your User Name*\.gimp-2.2

For Linux and Mac users that folder is ~/.gimp-2.2

Here is the homepage to the creator of the file, and also a complete list of what the shortcuts do.

From the author:
Most of the matches are essentially identical features found in both programs, and the rest are the closest match I could find.
Please let me know if you have any problems.

Photoshop Shortcuts are included in the Windows version, however, they must be enabled. On the Windows version, just double-click the file called "Enable Photoshop Shortcuts" in the GIMPshop folder on your Program Files menu before opening GIMPShop.

Just a reminder, you can download GIMPShop here:

For Windows

For Mac OS X

For Linux

For Solaris

The Source

New to GIMPShop? Wondering what it is? Find out here: What is GIMPShop?

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